1484 – the kelli of Father Nectarios

DSCN2097 (Large)Father Nectarios is in his eightees and arrived on Athos in 1982. He runs his kelli on his own and on the day we arrived he had two Greek workmen employed. He is the caretaker of the abandoned skiti Dimitriou. When I asked to take a photo and he was willing to pose for me in his small church. He has beautifull long white hair, here carefully put away under his cap.

R0012084 (Large) The kelli of father Nectarios, seen from skiti Dimitriou

DSCN2089 (Large)Behind the kelli modern solar cell energy is produced

DSCN2090 (Large)Inside the building: a small church with iconostasis

DSCN2093 (Large)The vaulted roof in the church, with funny dragons

DSCN2094 (Large)

DSCN2095 (Large)A Pantocrator icon in the church

DSCN2096 (Large)Father Nectarios in front of the iconostasis

DSCN2098 (Large)

R0012070 (Large)          R0012071 (Large)In the hallway near the entrance of the church (photo’s by Jitze Bakker)

R0012068 (Large)

After given a warm welcome we left to see skiti Dimitriou: according the employee, who spoke good English, there were some constructors at work in the skiti, who would have the key of the church.

DSCN2099 (Large)         DSCN2100 (Large)Soon after leaving you will see a ruined house, with a large copper vessel lying in the garden.

DSCN2097 detail

Wim, 16/12 (next time more about skiti Dimitriou)

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Beautiful Church inside. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Beautiful photographs and
    iconostasis and wonderful looking old holy man. 😉

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