2102 – Guest Rooms

Chilandariou, photographer and year unknown

Every monastery and skiti have a room were pilgrims are welcomed, most of the time with Greek coffee, water, loukoumi and tsipourou.

Panteleimonos 1957

This guest room in the Russian monastery was only for distinguished pilgrims. The place burned down in the huge fire of 1968. On the wall a.o. images of Tsar Nicolas II and Tsarina. More images here.

photo by Herman Hissink, early 1970ties

It is not clear to which monastery this guest room belongs.

probably Gregoriou, photo by Hissink, early 1970ties

This room is probably located in Gregoriou because the monastery can be seen on the photo on the wall.
On the right Wim Oudshoorn, editor of the Dutch magazine about Greece, Lychnari.

unknown room, early 1970ties by Hissink

Could this be the guest room of Lavra?
Standing at the back is Dutch translator and writer Gerard Koolschijn who published his book Geen sterveling weet in 2012. The book contains a very interesting description of Mount Athos in the 1970ties, in Dutch.

Sk. Andreou in 2013

Fellow pilgrim Bas Kamps in the guest room of the former Russian skiti of Andreou.

my son Nathan in Gregoriou, Dec. 2014

The guest room is the place were pilgrims put their names in the guestbook and the number of the Diamontirion. There is also space to enter your father’s name.

Nathan Voogd, Laurens, Bas en Martijn Kamps at Paulou, Jan. 2015

On the first day of 2015 they gave us a nice lunch in Paulou before we went on to Nea Skiti.

pilgrims Jaques en Jaap at Esfigmenou in 2017

In Esfigmenou they welcomed us friendly with a glas of rather sour wine.

Sk. Prodromou in 2019

A bowl of Turkish delight, Loukoumi, in the Romanian skiti.

Sk. Profitou Eliou in 2019

Cookies, coffee and Tsipourou served by father Filemon.

Herman Voogd

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