2101 – The location of the Hospital of Panteleimonos

A rather rare Greek postcard from app. 1910 shows the inside of the hospital of Russian/Ukranian monastery of Panteleimonos. But how did it look from the outside?

The hospital?

On this photograph made in 1917 by Millet a building on stilts is standing close to the shoreline. Could this be the hospital of Panteleimonos? Is it already partly in ruins on this image?

Although this is not a completely realistic image, the location of the Holy Mountain is not correct, on the right again this building on the beach. On the left, above each other, the 4 buildings that together form the watermill of Saint Silouan. Still present today on this location.

In the left corner again the hospital. When I was on Athos for the first time in 1989 this building was already no longer there.

This is one of the oldest photo’s of the Russian monastery. The large guesthouse was not even build yet. But the house near the sea with the long side building is already there.

The situation in 2017

A long way from Panteleimonos monastery, near the border, at Chromitsa, another old Russian hospital is located. Nowadays the former hospital on the right is used by Tsantali wine sellers to receive guests. Could it be that the first photo/postcard of the infirmary was made in Chromitsa?

So that leaves the question: Is the building on the shoreline of Panteleimonos the former Russian hospital? Thanks for your answers.

Herman Voogd

1918 – Basset

I added a picture from 1918 made by Baset on the presumed spot of the hospital.

Wim, 4/2

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  1. I was just wondering did the Russian Monks have to go back to Russia and if so what becomes of their beautiful monastery?

    • athosweblog says:

      You mean after the revolution of 1917? After the revolution most of them they stayed but no more financial support and new monks. Buildings were in the 70ties in a very bad shape, parts in ruins. That, now, has all changed again.

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