2103 – more Guest Rooms

1986 Lavra guest room (with Pieter Voorn)
1989 Simonos Petras guest room (with Herman Voogd and Jaap Zondervan)
1989 Panteleimon guest room
1997 Chilandariou guest room (with Harry Stork)
2007 Lavra outdoor guest room
2007 Stavronikita guest room (with Jitze Bakker)
2009 Dionysiou breakfast in the guest room (with Jitze, Peter and Winfried)
2009 Filotheou guest room
2009 Grigoriou guest room
2009 Pantocratoros guest room: self service in the kitchen (with Jitze, Peter, Winfried and me)
2011 Prodromou guest room (with Winfried and Jitze)
2013 Docheiariou guest room (with Gert Jan Wiekart)
2013 Esfigmenou guest room (with Jitze and Gert Jan)
2013 Sografou guest room (with Gert Jan)
2015 Andreou guest room (with Gert Jan)
2015 Koutloumousiou guest room
2017 Chilandariou guest room (with Tadeusz Minckiewicz, Jitze, Gert Jan and me)
2018 Xenofontos guest room
2019: another Grigoriou guest room

Wim Voogd, 6-2-2020

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