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2183 – The stairway to the guestrooms of Vatopedi

This nice photograph is from the book Tour de Grece by Amadee Ozenfant from 1938. The heavily packed mules just passed the main entrance and came a long way over the monopati, probably from Karyes. In the background the stairs … Continue reading

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2159 – The fast-walking monk from Vatopedi

On our way to Vatopedi in 2019 we suddenly were caught up by a very fast walking monk that raced past us. Of course we tried to have a chat but he turned his head smiling and told us, in … Continue reading

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2156 – Grigoriou monastery and its trapeza

On October 2nd 2019 we walked from Dionysiou to Grigoriou, a relatively short hike of 3 km’s, that took us 1 hour and 20 minutes walking time, but the steep climbs and the vicious descents made it a tough trip. … Continue reading

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2103 – more Guest Rooms

Wim Voogd, 6-2-2020

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2102 – Guest Rooms

Every monastery and skiti have a room were pilgrims are welcomed, most of the time with Greek coffee, water, loukoumi and tsipourou. This guest room in the Russian monastery was only for distinguished pilgrims. The place burned down in the … Continue reading

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