1979 – Monks and pilgrims in Megistis Lavra

I sat quietly enjoying the tranquillity of the evening. It was at the back of the catholicon. Further down a monk sat as quiet as I did. His back against the church. When a monk with a stick crossed, I took this picture. One of my favourites. Despite his stick he walked quickly towards the siting monk. They had a short conversation before he moved on.Near the kitchens, plastic crates with vegetables, artichokes and beans were stalled. A concentrated monk was shelling the peas. Left of him the bean shells piled up.

Another meeting of two monks in the evening sun. In front of the catholicon, with the gigantic cypress tree. The cypress is said to be a 1000 years old. This one is called after Athanasios. The other one  (not visible) after Euthymius the Athonite.When Martel took a picture, about 100 years ago, the cypresses in the court yard were still small.But Martels small Cypress is gone, as can be seen here.A monk entered a small house. He used a key to open it. The next day we would walk to Skiti Anna and I knew we had to go over the mountain ridge.
In the front is a small fountain. The sound of falling water amplified the serenity of the scene.Two pilgrims went for a walk. Crossing the open bell tower. Suddenly my attention was drawn to the beauty of the informal patterns in the pavement. The advantage of taking your time on a spot is that you notice things that otherwise would have been left unnoticed, like a pavement.We met for a conversation in the kiosk outside the main entrance, there were many small groups of pilgrims chatting. Suddenly there was some excitement, we heard enthusiastic voices. We decided to take a look.
To the enjoyment of many pilgrims this man in the centre, dressed in a furry white coat, was posing for and with his followers. Pilgrim Jaap, on the left of the picture, joined the party. Has anybody an idea about this man and his special clothes?They were showing the results of the posing session to the man in white. Pilgrim Herman (at the back) was very curious as well.And on the same evening there was that warm meeting between Herman and Athosfriend Dragan Jemuovic in front of the main gate of Lavra. See also Herman’s older post.

Bas Kamps

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  1. These posts, when they arrive, are always a highlight of my day. Thank you.

  2. gerard koolschijn says:

    Beautiful pictures, Mr. Bas!

  3. Sean says:

    More beautiful pictures…Thanks. 😉

  4. Patrick says:

    Hello, did you happen to stay here this trip? I noticed a bed beg alert and was wondering if you had that experience there. I have always wanted to here so was wondering.

  5. Gabriel Radu says:

    Hi ,
    The monks from picture are from Romania . The older has a traditional coat from North Romania
    http://www.cjmaramures.ro/traditii/costumul-popular-din-zona-maramuresului-istoric , .
    Also the monks ” hat ” is different . The greek have a different one , the russian also .
    Best regards

  6. Sean says:

    I just re-read this. Wonderful photograph at the top. Thanks for posting…

  7. Jaap Uitdewest says:

    Beautifull pictures

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