1980 – Ag. Triados in Karyes

The large house in the centre uphill is the kellion of Triados in the village of Karyes. The photo is made in 1918 by Frenchman Fernan Cuville. This is the situation nowadays. The building is in ruins for years. Surrounding smaller houses are no longer there. Only the green chapel, next to it, is still standing but also in ruins.When coming closer it is clear that the building cannot be saved. It is to far gone. But you never know with the Russians. They renovated buildings around Panteleimonos from scratch.chapel in ruins karyesThe green chapel by Bas Kamps.

The building is still owned by the monastery of Panteleimonos according to the Howorth map. My Athos friend Dragan claims that it belongs to Chilandariou. He is probably right. Who can confirm this?

Agias Triados seen from the Protaton square and the stairs of the Holy Epistasis in the morning sun.The building on the left with behind it, the Protaton with the temporarily roof during the renovations and a cloudless mountain.

Herman Voogd

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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photographs as always…

  2. Jemmo says:

    Herman, Agia Triada is Hilandar cell!

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