1978 – An inspirational place, the arsanas of Megistis Lavra

Coming down from the old monopati the robust tower at the arsanas comes in view. On top a stairway can be seen leading to a little platform. Excellent outlook point.Here the cobbled monopati ends. The newer concrete dirt road crosses it and destroyed the monopati on its way. A house is attached to the Mandraki tower.The yellow fishing nets in front of the door suggest the task the monk who lives here has to fulfil. The logs show he is already preparing for the cold season. In the tower, so I read on an Romanian site, is a chapel dedicated to Saint Gregory the Illuminator. The Holy Man who converted Armenia to Christianity in the year 301. The Cathedral in Yerevan bears his name.One of the houses right at the harbour is in complete ruins. Because the plaster is gone we get a view of the structure of the building. Very much like the Norman style of building with their half-timbered houses. And many bricks laid in V-shapes.This boat house still houses a boat but it doesn’t provide shelter anymore against the elements. The big arch is strengthened. That might be a first sign of restauration works in the near future.An impressive speedboat was taken out of the water.Here a speedboat leaves the arsanas of Lavra. The water is so clear you can see the base of the mountain under the surface. An overview from the launchpad to the tower and the surrounding buildings. As seen from this perspective, there are more buildings, fortified with walls. The picture is taken in the footsteps of the French photographers, Millet, Fernand Cuville and Charles Martel, who roamed this peninsula 100 years ago.
The arsanas by Millet.The arsanas by Cuville.Three monks pull a rowing boat ashore while the fourth monk sits on the quay, leaning on his walking stick. A sailing boat found shelter in the harbour, while a fifth monk watches the scene.

For a drawing from Papety and Edward Lear see this post and for a nice print here. An inspirational place.

Bas Kamps


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  1. Sean Rose says:

    Excellent Post Bas. Thanks.

  2. Gabriel Radu says:

    They start to refurbish the house attach to the tower in 2008 . I have some picture from 2008 and 2009 with Lavra harbour . The monastery speedboat was the same in that time . Also in that period the speedboat from Ierisoss had the final destination here in the port . After they change with the bigger one from today was not possible to enter in the small harbour .

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