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1979 – Monks and pilgrims in Megistis Lavra

I sat quietly enjoying the tranquillity of the evening. It was at the back of the catholicon. Further down a monk sat as quiet as I did. His back against the church. When a monk with a stick crossed, I … Continue reading

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1978 – An inspirational place, the arsanas of Megistis Lavra

Coming down from the old monopati the robust tower at the arsanas comes in view. On top a stairway can be seen leading to a little platform. Excellent outlook point.Here the cobbled monopati ends. The newer concrete dirt road crosses … Continue reading

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1830 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (2)

In December 1920 the French magazine L’Illustration published two articles about mount Athos, in post 1829 I showed you the images from the Noel-Christmas publication from december 4th 1920. Today I will present the pictures and watercolors from the magazine … Continue reading

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1829 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (1)

In December 1920 two  articles about Athos were published in the French magazine L’Illustration, one in the (extra thick) Christmis edition of December 4th and the second on December 25th 1920. Both articles describe the pilgrimage of the author Georges … Continue reading

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1523 – Angels by french photographers in 1918

1. icon in Gregoriou by Millet. 2. mural in Dionysiou by Martel. 3.mural in trapeza Chelandariou by Millet. 4. Mosaic in Vatopedi by Le Baron 5. mural in Protaton, Karyes by Le Baron. hv

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1179 – more images from Charles Martel 1918

In Blog 445 and 645 we showed you some paintings and photos from the visit of the Frenchman Charles Martel to the Holy Mountain. Today I can show you three color images, found in the L’Illustration – special Christmas magazine from 1920. Arsanas … Continue reading

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1008 – drawing by Charles Martel 1918/1919

arsanas Iviron Here are some photos of Charles Martels expedition in 1918. he made some other drawings which we showed in blogpostnr.445 The same tower taken from the other side by B. Kamps. Arsanas Iviron tower by hv 2009 hv

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645 – Charles Martel ‘s expedition in 1918


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445 – Art: Charles Martel drawings 1919

View from Stavronikita Vatopedi Pantokratoros Collection Centre Pompidou, Paris, France. hv

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