1892 – arsanas Filotheou

iviron-karakalou-coast-path-7-54-kmkopieIn 2015 we hiked 7,5 km’s from Iviron to Karakalou, passing Mylopotamos, arsanas Filotheou and later, arsanas Karakalou. Today I will present to you the pictures I took from arsanas Filotheou (see in the red dot above) and the small chapel in its surroundings, Agias Triados.

On the map below you can see where I took the photo’s.arsanas-filotheou-photo-mapDSCN7538 (Large).JPGThis first picture is an old signpost pointing to Karakalou, Provata, Filotheou and Lavra. Unfortunately the old monopati disappeard, so we had to hike over dirt roads. Only the last part, from arsanas Karakalou to the monastery is a beautifull monopati.dscn7540-largeArsanas Filotheou – there are five buildings on this picture, on the map below A- 1, B- 1, C- 2 and D- 1.google-maps-arsanas-filotheoukopiedscn7541-largeBuilding A is probably one the most ugliest buildings on the whole peninsula. A concrete and brick warehouse, with broken glass in the windows and complete deserted. Not a prize winning spot!dscn7542-largeBuilding B: a boathouse with a ramp and a suffusion, used by fishermen. It looks like it is under construction.dscn7543-largeTwo old buildings at spot C: probably old boathouses, with dwelling house on top of them.dscn7544-largeThe two boathouses seen from the rear.dscn7545-largeThe boathouse with the new rooftiles.dscn7546-largeAnd just a couple of meters further: the small chapel along the coast, Agias Triados.dscn7547-largedscn7549-largeAccording the information of Giannis Kontsiotis Facebook site this holy water from the “panaghia Glykophiloúsas”well. dscn7548-largeA mosaic of a special icon of the panaghia Glykophiloúsas caressing her son Jesus.dscn7550-largeThe panaghia Glykophiloúsas chapeldscn7551-largeWhen you continue the path/dirt road to the South, another (small and ugly) boathouse shows up, totally build in concrete.dscn7552-largeAnd not far from the last spot: a ruined (boat?) housedscn7553-large and at this place (the two pins on the right side of the second image in this post), an ancient brigde is to be seen. Once the bridge was part of the old monopati leading to Lavra. I hope that this trail once will be restored to its former glory. dscn7554-largeThe old bridge.dscn7555-largeAnd next is the arsanas of Karakalou, on the left on the map below.google-maps-arsanas-filotheou-2Wim, 8/2

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