1893 – arsanas Karakalou

iviron-karakalou-coast-path-7-54-km-kopie-2September 24th 2015 we hiked the coastal trail between Iviron and Karakalou. Today we take a closer look at arsanas Karakalou. I forgot to mention that if you pass Mylopotamos, I would advice to walk to the vineyards instead of taking the detour along the dirt road going landinwards. It is much shorter and much more intesting to visit the winery and walk through the vineyards!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESArsanas Karakalou arsanas-karakalou-photosArsanas Karakalou: with three buildings, from left to right,boathouse (1), a second boathouse (2) and the defence tower (3).dscn7556-largedscn7557-largeThe first (white) boathouse (1), still under constructiondscn7560-largeBuilding two and the tower (North side)dscn7559-largeThe tower (East – sea -side)dscn7562-largedscn7563-largeThe tower – South and West side. The building is not accessible.dscn7564-largeNot far from the tower the monopati to Karakalou starts: walking time: 25′. dscn7568-largeThe original and fine monopati, wrongly not often used.dscn7569-largeHere is a crossing of two paths, looking back in the direction of the arsanas. It looks like you should NOT take the left turn, because of the obstacles raised, but the opposite is true! dscn7571-largeThe path continues towards Karakaloudscn7572-largeNear Karakalou: the kitchen gardens and signpost back to the arsanas: 20′!dscn7573-largeArriving at Karakalou, where we met ‘our’ Dutch monk from Holland, Pachomios. He is one of the few black monks on the Holy Mountain. He grew up in The Hague,  originally coming from Surinam (photo 2014).  pachomiosWim Voogd, 10/2

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