1891 – Prize winning photo’s

dr-nicholas-exadaktylos-dionysios-1971If there was such a thing as a Athos photo contest this photograph by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos shot in 1971 would be my number one. A simple but unmistakably Athos image of Dionysiou, nice composition, beautiful grey colours, the cracks in the wall. I love it.
dr-nicholas-exadaktylos-simonaspetras-1971This one by the same photographer is also very nice. Never saw SimonasPetras taken from this angle. It is clear that the photographer had a good eye, very artistic.
See the holes in the wall were the balconies used to be. The building was in a deplorable state in 1971 but that is all behind us now. Today the balconies are back again and you can walk around the building by using he balconies.

Herman Voogd

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