1238 – again: Women on Athos?

Top of athos above clouds 3
Vasilis showed me this article published today, from Sasa Milosevic, a journalist of Huffingtonpost.com. The article does not give us a lot of new information about the subject, but it does lead to us to some interesting links concerning the “women on Athos”-issue. For me personally I get a little bit tired of these kind of articles. What’s the point writing about it, when there actual is no news?

And yes, it is absolutely true that the Avaton does not give women equal rights and yes, it is not normal in a modern civil society to ban women from equallity, but Mount Athos is a different place than anywhere else in this world, and this is how it should be. Some things are not equal, just get used to it.

So sorry girls, no Mount Athos for you. But do not dispair, this web-log gives you a chance to see what we (men) can experience. Just have a look at the magnificant view from the 2033 high mountain!

The top panorama

Top of athos above clouds 2

Top of athos above clouds

Top and shadow

The top

The top sunset

Moon and mountain
Mountain 1928

Postcard 1928

Oude afbeelding gravure Coronelli

Oude afbeelding uit boek 1600
appr. 1600

Engraving Athos from the sea 1863


Engraving Athos mountain 1832


Wim, 12/7


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