1237 – Athos June 2011: Stavronikita

032 Stavronikita
Pilgrim Jan Paul ten Bruggencate visited Stavronikita in June and was willing to share his pictures with us.

033 Stavronikita
Stavronikita: a view of Pantocratoros

035 Stavronikita
A classical shot: the aquaduct with the monastery and its tower. It is good that Hollywood filmmakers are not allowed to work here!

041 Stavronikita aquaduct

The aquaduct with a palm tree: maybe once it will be as big as the palm tree in Georgiou!

040 Stavronikita
Stavronikita and the Holy Mountain

038 Stavronikita fresco
Ag. Nicolaos

034 Stavronikita fresco above door
A new fresco above a door in Stavronikita. What struck me was the resemblance between the Saint Nicolas on the right and an icon I own of Saint Nicolas: could it have been the same icon-painter? On the left corner I found a name (dia cheiros – Vas P. Mapea??), and mine is painted by the Pachomaioi brothers, so I think they must be different artists, although they are very similar in every detail.

096 Athos - nabij Karyes -de bestelde icoon
Icon of Saint Nicolas in the house of the Pachomaioi-brothers 1986 (a copy is now in privat collection W. Voogd)

039 Stavronikita terrace

Wim, 10/7



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