1239 – Athos June 2011: Marouda and Skiti Andreou (Serail)

Today I’ll continue to show the pictures of pilgrim J.P. ten Bruggencate, who visited Athos last June.048 Marouda.JPG
The large kellion called Marouda, not far from Karyes and Skiti Andreou047 Marouda Serail.JPG
View from the balcony, with the Serail in the background046 Marouda Serail
A zoom in on the Serail. This corner of the building is still a ruin, the rest of the large building complex is newly renovated.042 a Marouda Makarios
Father Makarios of Marouda043 Marouda 1796 fresco Holy Virgin and child
Marouda: Fresco from May 9th 1796 of the Panaghia with Child and two Saints: Ounofrios and Peter the Athonite044 Marouda church
Marouda: The iconostasis049 Marouda JPtB and Father Makarios
049 Marouda JPtB and makariosMarouda: clocks with Father Makarios and Jan Paul ten Bruggencate054  Serail
Skiti Andreou055  Serail bells
Skiti Andreou – bells with the main church in scaffolds. The renovation of the domes is finished and and the gold shines again!056 Serail bells.JPG
Skiti Andreou – the courtyard. Nowadays the old bells are protected by professional build roof.

This is what George told us about the bells in June 2009:

Hi Wim, I can confirm that these bells were removed from the enormous bell tower at the entrance of the sketes main church of St. Andrew. (definately not from the deserted Ukraine building near Skiti Provata)I remember ringing these bells on St. Andrews day in 1993 or 1994 with some co-students whilst we were studying at the Athonias Academy. At this time the bells were still hanging in the bell tower. In particular the large bell created a deep thunderous sound which we were later informed was heard clearly at the Skete of Prophet Ilias near Pantocratoros Monastery. The staircase leading up to the clock and bells is very narrow and winding. Its a beautiful church and skete, I cannot wait untill it is returned to its former glory.

050 Serail relic

Skiti Andreou – relic: a piece of the skull of …. ?051  Serail church
The magnificant iconostasis of the 111 years old church057 Serail Athonias
The entrance to Athos Academy: Athonias

Wim, 19/7

(from 21/7/2011 I’ll be on a 3-week holiday visiting Sri Lanka with wife and daughters: Greece/Athos is to hot for me, today the temperature in Vatopedi reached 37 degrees!)

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3 Responses to 1239 – Athos June 2011: Marouda and Skiti Andreou (Serail)

  1. Fadlallah Michel gehchan says:

    I was touched by this video make me closer to god

  2. Gabriel says:

    The holy relics in Skiti Ag Andrew are of course from the head of holy apostle ANDREW.
    For many years we worship to the holy relics that all the time has a holy fragrance .

    Evloghite ,

  3. Bertinos says:

    The news site Romfea announced (at http://www.romfea.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8674:-qq&catid=42:2011-04-16-11-54-38 ) the ground-breaking of a new church at kelli “Skourtaion” near Karyes. It will be dedicated to Saint Nicodemos the Hagiorite (born at Naxos), best known as the writer of the “Philocalia”, who has lived there.

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