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1812 – In and around Stavronikita (day three, third leg)

We sat silently behind a glass of fresh water and some loukoumi in the guesthouse. The archontaris, the guest monk, was very quiet, contemplative, and we didn’t speak. We just sat in the gloomy, long and narrow room next to … Continue reading

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1393 – Vatopedi’s boathouse with chapel of St. Nicholas

Early picture of the Vatopedi monastery c. 1880.  At the shore a boathouse with a chapel. Some years later chapel and boathouse are still there but the building nextdoor has got a new floor. In 2009 I took a photo … Continue reading

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1144 – St. Niklas and Amsterdam

(this article is not directly related to Athos) In blog 638 I told you about an old Dutch tradition, the celebration of name day of Saint Nikas on the evening before the 6th of December, especially meant for children (our version of … Continue reading

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738 – Aghiou Nikolaou

Another kellion of St. Nicholas or is this a metochia? Is it on the map? hv

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638 – The 5th of December: the feast of Sinterklaas (Agios Nicolaos) – in Holland

!(This article not directly related to Athos/The Holy Mountain)! The Sinterklaas-feast is an old Dutch and Belgian tradition, but the Saint does not have the same religious meaning as in Orthodoxy. Icon of Agios Nicolaos, made in 1986 by Pachoumenoi … Continue reading

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32 – icon of Serb Nicolaos

An image of St. Nicholas from the Serbian monastery  Chilandariou

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