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1650 – interior Protaton church September 2014

Thanks to my good friend Jitze Bakker I now can share his pictures of our Athos pilgrimage in September 2014. He was able to shoot some pictures of the interior of the Protaton. We thought we could see it without … Continue reading

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1539 – Two famous Athos painters: Papaloukas and Panselinos

Papaloukas and Panselinos. hv

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1385 – Χριστός ἀνέστη! Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen!

The Orthodox Easter/Pascha takes place this weekend. Michael Panselinos painted the resurrection of Christ in the Protaton in Karyes. He lived in the late thirteenth/early fourteenth century and he is considered to be the top painter of the Macedonian school … Continue reading

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813 – book: Manuel Panselinos 1956

The book Manuel Panselinos is written in French by Andrea Xyngopoulos. The drawings and sketches are by Photis Zachariou. His most important work can be found in the Protaton church in Karyes (also see posts 393, 394, 663, 785 and … Continue reading

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430 – John Prodromou (The Forerunner or Baptist)

Manuel Panselinos, ca. 1300, fresco Protaton Karyes. Unknown contemporary artist, fresco, Simonos Petras. Photo by Theotokis of Simonopetra, 2003. hv

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394 – Panselinos fresco's in Protaton church

The head of John Prodromos (“the Forerunner”). This is really an exellent work of art. Look at the lifely features of the face, with its wild hairs and beard, its wrinkles and the empty (or sad?) eyes, looking slightly down, … Continue reading

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393 – Art: M. Panselinos

St. Nicholas by Panselinos, appr. 1300, fresco Protaton, Karyes. The damage is caused by a pipe which was once attached to the wall. St. Demetrios by Panselinos, appr. 1300, fresco westwall Protaton, Karyes. Photo taken in 1957.Idem but the photo … Continue reading

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