1910 – Koutloumousiou monastery: part 3

koutloumousiou planLet’s continue our exploration of the courtyard:DSCN7464 (Large)The balconies in the North-East corner: the kitchen and the bakery (Γ 1 and Γ 3), with a large clock on the wall.

DSCN7465 (Large)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHere are pilgrim Gert Jan and me standing in front of the fountain (B on the plan). In tower like building (A1 and Zα) behind the fountain is the secretariat and there used to be a phiale (now at B1), according to the information from the Mylonas Atlas. The white building (Λ) next to the outer wall is the laundry. Koutloumousiou phiale (2).JPGThe phiale in its old position, before 1980 – photo from Feigl – Vorhölle zum ParadiesDSCN7448 (Large)Again buillding A1 and the defence tower E. In this tower is a chapel called Ag. Archangheli (Archangels).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe katholicon and the exo-narthex. DSCN7402 (Large)The katholicon seen from the balconies of the guesthouse.DSCN7486 (Large).JPGThe guesthouse (West wing) DSCN7478 (Large)The bell on the second floor balcony. The arches on the left  are in the South wing (M and H1 – “the burnt wing”).Feigl fire Koutloumousiou december 1980

Another picture – of december 1980 – from the Feigl book about Athos: a fire broke out in the South wing of the monastery during the nightly service, meaning that the monks did not notice it until late. Due to assistance from monks of nearby cells and and a fire extinguisher from Stavronikita prevented the fire from expanding.DSCN7477 (Large)The first floor: a big wooden talanton and two made from iron. DSCN7476 (Large)The wooden talanton with its hammer.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBuildings M1 (left – the guesthouse), M2 in the corner and M (South wing). Above the building in the upper level you’ll see a dome of chapel: Ag Natalía. In the lower level there is chapel of Ag. Anárgyri (Cosmas and Damian).SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBehind the katholicon: the South wingSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis picture showes the South wing and the katholicon to the right. On the left the cells of monks (H) and in de corner the abbots quarters (Z). On the ground floor of the South wing in the second arch from the left you will find this mural:DSCN7453 (Large)a painting of the monastery with two bamboo chairs and a small table.DSCN7451 (Large)The katholicon and the abbots quarters left.DSCN7452 (Large)The backside of the katholiconDSCN7454 (Large)In the church outer wall: paintings of the Panaghia, Christ and John the Forerunner(?) and an abbot (?) with a text next to him.DSCN7455 (Large)Next to this place: a stele with inscriptions, a cross and  pieces of marble stone. In the right corner above you see a red shoe of …DSCN7456 (Large)this man, probably a Byzantine emporer.DSCN7446 (Large)A text made of bricks in the wall of the East wing DSCN7447 (Large)A antique grave plate from the (probably) the city of Kleonia in the East wing DSCN7445 (Large)The katholicon, exo-narthex and the cypress tree, with the trapeza on the right and the phiale on the left. Let’s take closer look inside the katholicon:DSCN7410 (Large)The iconostasisSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDSCN7412 (Large)DSCN7413 (Large)DSCN7414 (Large)DSCN7411 (Large)Icon of Ag. Nicolaos

and here are some photo’s of the exo-narthex:DSCN7479 (Large)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDSCN7481 (Large)Plaques and all kind of mythical animalsDSCN7481Men dancing in a ‘Greek’ style DSCN7484 (Large)DSCN7483 (Large)This wall painting in the corner on the right needs to be examined closer: it is the scene of Jesus Christ who miraculous multiplies bread at the lake of Galilee. There some interesting details in this mural.DSCN7484First a detail on the top: two Saints (Simon?) seated on pilars. DSCN7483-1Jesus with the loaves of bread in his handsDSCN7483-2The apostles giving bread to the public. Notice the couple on the right side of the painting:DSCN7483-3

In this scene it is obvious that we see a couple that is in love: they embrase/kiss eachother. This kind of profane scenes are very rare on Mount Athos!DSCN7444 (Large)Night falls over the monastery.DSCN7469 (Large)Early next morning: time to leave Koutloumousiou.

Wim Voogd, 5/5/17

This ends the photo essay’s about the 2015 pilgrimage. It is time for our next, that starts on Monday the 8th of May.

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4 Responses to 1910 – Koutloumousiou monastery: part 3

  1. Hallo Wim,
    Ik ben nu op de Athosberg tot de 20ste met de FoMA footpath team.
    Zou leuk zijn om ons te kunnen treffen !
    Wat is je programma ?

    • athosweblog says:

      Hoi Efrem,
      Wij zitten op 8 mei in Maroudá, 9 mei in Vatopedi, 10 mei op Chilandar en 11 mei in Stavronikita. Leuk om elkaar te zien, mogelijk in Vatopedi?

  2. fremaki says:

    Ik ben nu in Marouda !
    Morgen moet ik naar Filotheou voor 2 dagen.
    Dan kan ik terug in Marouda.

    • athosweblog says:

      Tot maandag dan, ik ben benieuwd naar jullie verhalen! Wij komen met de boot van 9.45 uur en gaan vanaf Xenofontos lopen naar Maroudá, dus we zijn er in de namiddag.

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