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2236 – Athos monks pray for peace and the cessation of the war in Ukrain

According to this source – Orthodoxtimes.com – every day the monks of two Athos-monasteries “made prayers and supplications to the Theotokos for the protection of the oppressed and desperate brothers -due to the war”. In the article a Youtube footage … Continue reading

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1976 – Around the Protaton

After our walk to Koutloumousiou we could finally enter the Protaton. This is the oldest church (10th century but repaired in the 13th century) and the most important church on Athos. The church is dedicated to the Dormition of the … Continue reading

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1843 – Articles about Athos and Putin in Time Magazine and The Spectator

Time Magazine 12-19 September 2016: an article about the pilgrimage of Putin to Athos May this year and about the role of Orthodoxy in the present Russian governement and society (available at your local bookshop or Blendle). Here an article … Continue reading

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1823 – Putin on Athos: the Protaton throne

“Putin on mount Athos sat on the throne of the Byzantine emperors, and declared the mountain a source of grace”. Actually Vladimir Putin did not sit on on an emperor’s throne, but he was standing in the Protaton church and … Continue reading

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1822 – Putin on Mount Athos

Stills from the live coverage on You Tube of the Putin visit to the Protaton, Karyes today.President Vladimir Putin and Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos Putin standing in the throne for ‘Patriarchs, Monarchs and Tsars’ in the Protaton church. Herman Voogd

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1818 – Putin will visit Athos on the 28th of May 2016

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has arranged to visit Athens and the St. Panteleimon Monastery at Mount Athos on the 27th and 28th of May respectively. The spokesperson for the Greek government Olga Gerovasili commented that the … Continue reading

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1431 – Vladimir Putin to visit Mount Athos for a pilgrimage August 2013

The Russian president will travel to Patmos, Mistras and Mount Athos during a trip with a strong religious character. Putin with abbot Ephraim from Vatopediou, showing him the relic of the Girdle of the Panaghia Initially, Putin will go to … Continue reading

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1358 – rumours on October 6th 2011: will Putin visit Athos?

After returning from our Athos pilgrimage in 2011 there were rumours in Ouranopolis that Putin might show up for a short visit to the Holy Mountain. The last time he went to Athos was on September 9th 2005, see blog 717. … Continue reading

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717 – Putin on Athos: 10/9/2005

Already in post nr 22 we showed you a picture of Putin visiting Athos. This is the complete collection: Wim, 19/2

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