2224 – Father Makarios from Maroudá is vaccinated

Father Makarios from Maroudá kellion, 70 years old, one of the most hospitable and friendly monks of the Holy Mountain, was infected with COVID-19 this summer and luckily survived the severe effects of the Corona virus, although he approched death, as he said in footage of Reuters. He is now also vaccinated now. This is what he said about vaccinations:

Of cource we have faith in God and God protects us […], but science is something in de hands of God, God enlightens the scientists so they can protect humanity.

What a wise man he is, I hope to visit him soon, hopefully next year (also see post 1775, with pictures from five years ago).

Father Makarios
Father Makarios in the trapeza of Maroudá
Monks with anti-corona masks in Karyes

(photos credits: Reuters)

Herman/Wim Voogd, 24-11

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