2277 – forest fire at Stavrós junction near Kerasia

Yesterday evening a fire broke out at a very remote point on Athos, near the junction called Stavrós, where the monopati from skiti Agia Anna and Lavra splits on goes up to the top of Mount Athos.

The monks located in the area of the fire yesterday appealed to pilgrims on their way to the sacred festival of the Transfiguration, on top of Mount Athos, to return to their host monasteries. In fact, this morning, Friday, August 18, they are warning them not to begin their climb to the top if the fire is not fully contained.

Firemen on the pier of Ouranopolis / photo: xalkidikipolitiki.com

The fire that broke out yesterday on the path to the top of Mount Athos is expected to be brought under full control this evening (18/8) as two helicopters have been deployed. The 30 firefighters, who have been coming in from Ouranoupoli port since last night and arriving from Agia Anna, walked up for 3 hours and successfully tried to put it out.

The many pilgrims who made their way to the top to celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration, have also been safely removed from the scene of the disaster.

“It should be mentioned that the firefighters who took part in the extinguishing efforts praised that “the Virgin Mary extinguished the fire in the early morning without our intervention”. With the fire extinguished, the pilgrims were able to climb to the top of Mount Athos to celebrate the Savior’s transfiguration” (additial information from 19-8-2023).

source: makthes.gr, xalkidikipolitiki.com and orthodoxianewsagency.gr

Wim Voogd, 18/8/2023

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  1. Japetus says:

    The irresponsibility -to say the least- of certain pilgrims is beyond words….

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