1710 – The last supper photographed by Gabriel Millet 1918

The Evangelist, Saint John the Beloved, is seated next to Christ, as the youngest of the disciples, he is depicted as beardless. He receives in his left hand a piece of the Body of Christ.
Judas Iscariot the Betrayer without halo is depicted dipping into the dish (Matthew 26:20-25).avond protaton
Protaton Karyes
avond lavra
avond lavra trapeza
Lavra, Trapeza
avond vatopedi2
avond vatopedi
avond chilandariou
avond Dionysiou
avond docheiariou
Docheiariouavond Filotheou
avond xenophontos

Herman Voogd

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3 Responses to 1710 – The last supper photographed by Gabriel Millet 1918

  1. The Eastern Orthodox says:

    Very Nice collection of paintings.

  2. Elena Filea (Kosmopoulou) says:

    I Thank you so much for this excellent photo album. I am in the process of designing an icon of the Mystical supper and this is very helpful to me. In CX, Filea

  3. Ron says:

    “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it; and he gave to the disciples, and said, ‘Take, eat; this is my body.’ And he took a cup, and gave thanks, and gave to them, saying, ‘Drink ye all of it; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many unto remission of sins.'” (Mat 26)

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