2278 – a first glimpse at the new hotel-restaurant in Karyes

If you follow the Facebook site of monk Prodromos Grigoriatis – as our regular guest and friend Japetus does – you could have seen his video from yesterday. In this video he shows us a first glimpse of the new hotel and cafe-restaurant opposite the Protaton, that just opened its doors(see post 2271, also how to book it). From this video I made some screenshots (with a subordinate quality), to show what it looks inside.

The restaurant, with the entrance at the back of the building
even with an orange juice machine
A fully equipped stainless steel kitchen, waiting to be used
The view from one of the rooms
towards the Protaton church

Wim Voogd, 20-8-2023 (thanks Prodromos Grigoriatis)

Update 29/9: the prize for a double/triple room is €100/€120,00.

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