1897 – Vatopedi website: The Ascetic Experience


These high quality pictures can be found on the Vatopedi – The Ascetic Experience. A Vatopedi monk/webmaster invited me by email to publish their pictures on our weblog, and here is the first result: a monk is collecting a bucket with lemmons last winter, when it snowed so heavy on Mount Athos, also see here and here.

Soon after this invitation by the kind Vatopedi monk my laptop crashed and I lost his email! So, dear Father, if you read this, please foreward your mail again to me!?

And as you can see, in the meanwhile I bought a new laptop (thanks novice-pilgrim Tadeus from HP!) and resumed posting on this blog about the Holy Mountain.nea-skiti-14-15Oranges in the snow at Nea Skiti in the winter 2014 – 2015, photo by Herman Voogd

Wim Voogd, 1/3/17

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  1. Fremaki says:

    Beste Win,
    Was het Vader Adrianos ?

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Thanks Win!

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