1896 – the hike from Nea Skiti to Skiti Anna

nea-skiti-skiti-anna_ink_liOn September 22th 2015 we hiked from Nea Skiti to Skiti Anna, a trail of only 1.9 km.

Just after leaving Nea Skiti you will find this signpost:dscn7300-largeThe yellow sign leads to the hut of elder Josepf the Hesychast, who lived in Nea Skiti in 1951.dscn7301-largeIera kalivi Ag. Savva in Nea Skitidscn7302-largeOn the other side of Savva, one of the last houses in Nea Skiti, high up the hill, called Stavlos, with a stable for mules (?).dscn7303-largeThe gardens of Nea Skitidscn7304-largeTo Ag. Anna and to Pavloudscn7305-largedscn7307-largeA goodbye to Nea Skitidscn7306-largeA foothpath bridge or tunnel! This picture is taken at the first red arrow on the map above.dscn7319-largeWhen you walk the path to Skiti Anna, do visit the cell of Agiou Georgiou “Kartsonaion” (see the second red arrow on the map – the first picture of this blog and the photo below).anargyron_liAgiou Georgiou “Kartsonaion” sam_2419-largeThe entrance door of Agiou Georgiou “Kartsonaion”. The Kartsonasion brotherhood was founded by the monk Gabriel Kartsonas the Spiritual, who died in 1956. Read more about the brotherhood here.sam_2422-largesam_2423-largeThe balcony and garden, with arsanas Skiti Anna in the background (photo’s Jitze Bakker)sam_2424-largeThe churchdscn7310-largedscn7311-largedscn7309-largeThe interior: although the cell and church are 100% Greek, the interior looks like a Russian church, because the walls are painted white.sam_2421-largedscn7313-largePictures of monks on the wall of the hallwaydscn7315-largedscn7316-largesam_2429-largeJust before leaving we were invited to drink a cup of coffee, together with other pilgrims from Greece.dscn7317-largesam_2432-largesam_2433-largesam_2431-largeOnly a couple of meters to go to Skiti Anna!dscn7318-largeAfter leaving the cell of Agiou Georgiou “Kartsonaion”: an old kaliva with an chapel.

Wim, 23/2 (thanks Jemmo for your correction: Anargyron is a small cell just above Agiou Georgiou “Kartsonaion”)

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3 Responses to 1896 – the hike from Nea Skiti to Skiti Anna

  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Wonderful Pictures Wim…Thanks. 😉

  2. Jemmo says:

    Wim, this is not Anargiron, this is Agios Georgios.

  3. Jitze Bakker says:

    Mooie foto met die father beneden! Goede fotograaf…

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