1888 – body of missing Ukrainian monk found near Filotheou

In post 1882 I reported about the winter conditions on Athos and I showed you beautiful pictures of Athos in the snow. On January 30th on the internet the sad news appeared that the snowstorms on Athos took the life of a 43-old Ukrainian monk, father David.

The news and picture are from pravoslavie.ru and afonit.info.missing-monk-fr-david-jan-2017

“As previously reported, a 43-year-old Ukrainian monk went missing on Mt. Athos on January 16. Unfortunately, after a long search, his dead body has been found, reports afonit.info. After a weeklong search, Greek rescuers found Fr. David’s body, frozen in the snow near Philotheou Monastery. Fr. David was originally from Lviv, Ukraine, and spent eight years as a novice at the Holy Dormition Pochaev Lavra. Although it was previously reported that he was visiting the Holy Mountain when he went missing, Russian Athos reports that he had moved to Mt. Athos about five years ago, taking the name David in tonsure.

On January 16, Fr. David left the cell of St. Modestus headed for Karakallou Monastery to visit another monk. He later managed to send an SMS indicating that he would not be able to arrive due to the heavy snowfall, but communication with Fr. David was lost after that.   

A special unit of Greek police and rescuers arrived to the Holy Mountain to search for Fr. David, eventually finding his body on January 28 at around 2:00 PM, near Philotheou Monastery. Preliminary information indicates that the monk fell off a cliff during the heavy snowfall and froze to death. The investigation is ongoing”.

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