1898 – the hike from skiti Anna to Mikra Anna

skiti-anna-micra-annaThis hike, which walked on September 22th 2015, stretches only 1 km and it takes about 15/20 minutes.dscn7382-largeLets start with a few pictures of skiti Ag. Anna: coming from Nea Skiti: at the first building of Skiti Ag. Anna you can follow a path on your right hand, and soon you will see the ossuary. There is still an old fashioned telephone on the wall: how long will this last in these modern times with cell-phones?dscn7377-largeThe graveyard with the cross of Father Gerasimos, who died in 2011. There is also a small brown box on the white wall. You can open the lid and this is what you’ll see:dscn7378-largeThe bones of of monachos Gerasimos, aged 73!dscn7379-largeThe ossuary of Skiti Annadscn7383-largeA cross from the graveyarddscn7320-largeThe bell tower, with the main church on your right hand.DSCN7321 (Large).JPGThe church: on the bell tower a sign post to Paulou and Nea Skiti.dscn7322-largeThe church (or Kyriakon – thanks Bertinos) of skiti Anna

Three data sheets with practical travel information for pilgrims (who want to go to the top of Mount Athos).dscn7326-largeWall painting in skiti Anna dscn7327-largeLeaving Skiti Anna: here the path splitst in two. One path goes up to Stavros, Kerasia, Kafsokalivia, Ag. Neilos and Lavra, the other, easy path leads to Katounakia, Daniiléon, Karoulia and Ag. Vasileios.dscn7327-largeDSCN7328 (Large).JPGDSCN7375 (Large)DSCN7376 (Large)Looking back at skiti Annadscn7329-largeMonks and mules on their way to skiti Annaskiti-anna-photos-googleI took two pictures excactly between skiti Anna and Mikra Ag. Anna:dscn7331-largedscn7332-largeLooking back at Skiti Anna and Nea SkitiDSCN7333 (Large).JPGNot far from the spot with the wooden cross: a cave with a small chapeldscn7334-largeLooking to the South towards Mikra Ag. Anna: a telephone communication mastdscn7335-largeAuthem crosusesdscn7336-largeA magnificant path, very well kept!dscn7337-largeJust before Mikra Ag. Anna: the communication mastdscn7338-largeThe first building of Mikra AnnaDSCN7340 (Large).JPGdscn7339-largeMikra Ag. Annadscn7341-largeThe remnants of a recent avalanche.

The path and this photo essay continues: next time pictures of Daniiléon.

Wim Voogd, 3/3/2017

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4 Responses to 1898 – the hike from skiti Anna to Mikra Anna

  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Excellent Photo Essay Wim!
    Sean in Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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  2. Doug Wilson says:

    Beautiful, thank you for the pictures. Amen.

  3. Bertinos says:

    A katholikon is the main church of a (cenobitic) monastery. The main church of other communities such as a skiti is called KYRIAKON.

    PS: “Kyriakon” evolved into the North-West-European words “Kerk”, “Kirk”, “Kirche”, etc.!

  4. Bertinos says:

    This is because (in old days) the members of non-cenobitic communities only met each other for the Liturgy on Sunday. The Greek word for Sunday is “Kyriakí”.

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