1886 – Nea Skiti 2015

On our 2015 pilgrimage to Athos I made a reservation to stay at Fathers Nikon’s house in Nea Skiti. After leaving Simonospetras we took the Agia Anna boat to Nea Skiti. This photo essay shows you the time we spent here. At the time of our visit Father Nikon was in Skiti Xenofontos, planning to move to this other location. One year later, in 2016, Father Nikon and his fellow monks left Nea Skiti and they settled on their new place on the Holy Mountain. dscn7273-largeThe – former – kellion of Father Nikon    dscn7268-largeThe balcony of the house, totally overgrown by vinesdscn7267-largeThe balconyimg_4209-largeEvery afternoon at five the monks gather to say a prayer on the balcony. We planned to sleep one night at Father Nikon’s place and spend the next night at the kellion of Danilion in Katounakia. Because there was no possiblity to make a reservation in advance we tried to get overnight sleep there, but unfortuanately the place was fully booked. That’s why we returned to Nea Skiti. The only thing was that they only could give us two beds, the rest was already taken by other pilgrims. So I was offered two alternative places to sleep on a camping matras: in church or on the balcony. I chose to sleep on the balcony, a beautiful and quiet spot, overlooking the sea.dscn7392-largeThe church where I could sleep….dscn7262-largeIconostasis in Father Nikon’s churchdscn7391-largeListening to the prayers and singingdscn7265-largeThe room next to the church, with icons for sale. Look how old the house is: the room is propped up by poles !dscn7298-largeThe icon workshop of father Eugeniosdscn7297-largeOne of his iconsdscn7299-largeFather Eugenios the icon painter: he prefers to speak Germandscn7260-largeFather Eugenios in the kitchendscn7388-largeCoffee with cake is being served in the small kioskdscn7229-largeThe kiosk, where coffee was served and where you smoke your cigarette/sigardscn7270-largeThe striking blue door to Father Nikon’s houseimg_4214-largeThe church just below Father Nikon’s house:dscn7275-large The church below Nikon’s house: it is build in 1931dscn7276-largedscn7277-largeThe main church in Nea Skiti with a bell towerdscn7284-largeThe bell tower

inside the bell towerdscn7280-largeNea Skiti, the bell tower with a semantron. The picture points to the North, with Father Nikon’s house in the right cornerdscn7281-largeNikon’s house seen from the bell towerdscn7249-largeThe exo narthex of the main churchdscn7251-largeAbove the entrance door of the church: a painting of Agia Annadscn7252-largeColoured glass in the doordscn7250-largeThe courtyard in front of the main churchdscn7283-largewith a haut relief marble stone in the floorsam_2401-largeThe terrace in front of the churchdscn7394-largeTogether with a Greek pilgrim we went down to see the arsanas, but first I had a closer look at the Grand Tower of Nea Skitidscn7296-largeMules and the towerdscn7289-largeThe old tower (the South wall), with uggly scaffoldings.dscn7291-largeThe tower (the North wall)dscn7292-largeThe tower (West wall and entrance)dscn7293-largeThe door of the towerDSCN7384 (Large).JPGThe harbor and beach of Nea Skitidscn7398-largethe polluted beach ….dscn7396-largeMules bring goods and grapes down.dscn7397-largedscn7386-largeI always wondered what this object near the sea might have been. I found the answer later that afternoon when I studied a book in Father Nikon’s library.img_4211-largeIn Grassi’s book I found this picture from Nea Skiti:img_4212-largeAnd when you zoom in you’ll see this:img_4213-largeA lighthouse ! The monks of Nea Skiti confirmed to me that there used to be such a lighthouse in sea.

Read more about the fire that took place that same afternoon on post 1764.

Wim Voogd, 29-1

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Another wonderful photo essay Wim.
    Thanks Very Much.
    I almost feel like I am there.
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