1887 – Esfigmenou: Saloniki court sentences zelotes

esfigmenou-zelotes-2013-molotov-cocktail-karyes-2Penalty of 20 years imprisonment imposed by the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki to the abbot of the Old Brotherhood of the Holy Monastery Esfigmenou of Mount Athos, as well as in another monk of the same brotherhood on the incidents of 2013 in the Konaki lodgings of the Monastery, Karyes.

According to the court order issued yesterday midnight, the two convicted zealous monks -which were not present in court – led to prison because the court did not grant suspensive effect on the execution of the sentence. The following days will be issued warrants that will be sent to the relevant police station to arrest the fugitives and bring them to jail.

The Court held, by a majority, guilty abbot Methodius instigator of events, while the second defendant, monk Antypas, was sentenced for causing arson etc. Note that the incidents were caused when bailiffs attempted to evacuate the antiprosopeio (lodgings) pursuant to a previous court decision. As a result reactions occured and the accused fired improvised Molotov cocktails.esfigmenou-father-methodiosFather Methodios

In the same court sat six other zealous monks, who were convicted as accomplices in ordinary prison sentences (10 years and 4 months), but were granted suspensive effect on execution of the sentence, thus released to the Court of Appeal. Contrary to the above, the Court acquitted three laymen indicted for involvement in the same incident.

The accused monks who attended the court claimed their apologies. In their defense they talked about an emergency situation. Because they were stressed they made their actions to protect the Konaki against intimidation.esfigmenou-zelotes-2013-molotov-cocktail-karyesRead this post about the history.

Wim Voogd, 31/1

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