1866 – The origin of the Sografou guesthouse

1853It took me some time to find out where on The Holy Mountain this building and chapel is located. The photo is from 1853.  Approximately 30 years later the building is replaced by a similar house which you still can see today. Nowadays the chapel is still here but in a deplorable state. Who recognizes the spot? Our reader silviucluci had the correct answer.sografou-1867-1872
Here is the same house and chapel in front of the entrance of the  Bulgarian monastery of Sografou. This photo was made between 1867 and 1872. sografou-with-hospitalA little later the building was replaced by another long stretched building in what became a kind of medical center or little hospital for monks and pilgrims. Nowaday it is completly restored and made into a guesthouse for pilgrims. They did not restore the chapel yet, at least not in 2015.chapel-sografouThe Chapel outside the monastery  in 2015 with probably the same two cypresses as in 1853.chapel-sografou-wallThe chapel upclose is in decay but looks beautifull.
sografou-guesthouse-2015The restored guesthouse looks brand new compared to the state in 2009.
Here the post about the restoration.

Herman Voogd

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