1819 – Restoration of the Sografou hospital

sografou1867-1872Early photograph of Sografou (1867 – 1872). The refectory right in front of the church is not yet build. The houses below the wall are nowadays in ruins and overgrown by vegetation . Above these houses lies a building that is no longer there. This building will be replaced by the hospital building.


A couple of years later the hospital is build; the long white building on the left. The refectory (the extension in the centre of the monastery) is also completed. sografou 2009 hospitalIn 2009 the hospital building looked beautifull but was in a bad condtion. Bulgarian workers had their home there.s0grafou 2015 hospita;In 2015 the building was completely renovated. Plastered chimneys and new wooden balconies. It had also a new destination: guestquarters for the pilgrims.

Sografou 2009          Sografou 15

The other side of the building in 2009 and in 2015.

Herman Voogd

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