1865 – a closer look at Simonos Petras

Simonospetras is build on a rock, as you see on the pictures and plan below:

dscn7122-largedscn7111-largeThe plan of the monastery is quite complex, because of its many floors. These plans will help you find your way:13-simonos-petra-4-doorsnede13-simonos-petra-2-monastery-kopiedscn7146-largeBuilding M1 is the guesthouse, just outside the monastery and near the gate. At B7 on the right side of this picture a new guesthouse is build, that should have been ready this summer. In 2015 they had room for 15 to 20- pilgrims, after these quarters are finished the number of guests can increase to 30/40 pilgrims.dscn7104-largeBuilding activities at spot B7 and the entrance to the monastery (at spot Delta).dscn7105-largeBehind the guesthouse M1: a view over the hills with some houses for workers along the road. I tried in vain to find a path in the valley going uphill.dscn7106-largeAfter entering the gate the stairs go up anddscn7176-largethis is what you see looking down towards the entrance. Today this corridor is much lighter than 26 years ago, with four windows.056-athos-gang-naar-s-petras-056Here a picture from 1989 taken on the same spot. Because there were only two windows it was much darker (and spookier) on entering the monastery.dscn7100-largeAfter signing in we received a very warm welcome by father Michael, who came from Lebanon three years ago. He told us that 5 fathers passed away in 2014, one of them drowned. Another monk died on 15th of August 2015.dscn7101-largeThe traditional Tsipourou, loukoumi and water was served by father Michael.dscn7166-largedscn7163-largedscn7162-largedscn7161-largeIn the waiting room several monasteries were painted on the ceiling: 1. Vatopediou, 2. Xeropotamou, 3. Megistas Lavras, and 4. Grigoriou.dscn7121-largeThe kiosk outside the monastery: a place to smoke.dscn7120-largeMonks enjoy a cup of tea with honey.dscn7173-largeThe left side of the Katholikon (building Gamma)dscn7168-largeThe Katholicondscn7169-largeThe well from 1904dscn7170-largeThe church and buildings Z1 and Z2. If you take the stairs going down, you’ll see this hallway.dscn7174-largeHallway on a lower level.dscn7175-largeWith stairs leading to the gardens. dscn7154-largeSimonospetras at dusk, September 20th 2015.

Wim Voogd, 29-11

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Excellent photo essay. Thanks for posting…

  2. Bella says:

    Would you have any more plans and sections of the monastery?

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