1867 – The courtyard of Gregoriou

gregoriou-courtyard-1853The courtyard of Gregoriou in 1853. Maybe the oldest or one of the oldest photographs of this monastery. The roofs of the exo-narthex in the middle and the refectory on the right are covered with slate. gregoriou-2011In 2011 the roof is made from lead and on the left 5 mosaic icons are placed. The design of the cupolas has changed also.gregoriou-courtyard-winter-2015On one of the last days in 2014 it started snowing and the roofs and courtyard turned slowly white. courtyard-gregoriou-31th-dec-2014Some of the monks couldn’t resist the fresh snow and for a short moment the courtyard was a childrens playground. Read and see more about this remarkable moment here.gregoriou-summer-2015This is the courtyard in 2015 in the conventional Athos manner. A monk is beating the semantron to announce that the service is about to begin.

Herman Voogd


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2 Responses to 1867 – The courtyard of Gregoriou

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Yes, but what a pity, Herman, this new uniformity of design.
    Very interesting series you and your companions publish in connection with the old photographs!
    I did not quite understand the different views of Simopetra. Has there been added a whole new block on the south east side since the early photos?

    • athosweblog says:

      Funny you mention this Gerard, I recently was wondering the same thing. But the answer has to be that they indeed added a new part. But how and when I don’t know. Thanks for your comment.

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