1863 – The arsanas of Pantocratoros

Looking up at the monastery of Pantocratoros from the small harbour. 2015
arsanasAlmost the same spot in 1853arsanas-pantoRuined house in 2016pantocratorosNot the same house as above but almost the same spot. 1853the-arsanas-of-pantocratoros5
Compare the wall on the right with the above imagethe-arsanas-of-pantocratoros3 the-arsanas-of-pantocratoros2
Ruins at the arsanas
the-arsanas-of-pantocratoros4The Pantocratoros boathouse.
In the right corner the harbour of Pantocratoros in 1744 by Barsky. More about Barsky or Vasilij Grigorovich Barskij and his sketches read the interesting article by Veronica Della Dora.

Herman Voogd

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  1. The Eastern Orthodox says:

    Nice piece of work…thanks.

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