1846 – 10 September: forest fire near Chilandariou

Yesterday morning at 7.29 h. fire, reportedly caused by lightning,  raged in a forest area in the region of Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos.  The efforts to extinguish the fires by 18 fire figthers with 6 vehicles, togeter with monks, pilgrims and two helicopters, were hindered by the weather conditions, because of the strong winds (7 Beaufort), blowing in the Mount Athos area these days. According to the blog Athoszone.com the fire is under control now.

The direction of fire spread towards the border of Mount Athos near cape Arapis (West, Southwest), so that not Hilandar, nor any other monastic settlement was affected.

chilandariou-fire-sept-16Wim, 11/9

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