1845 – skiti Andreou September 2015

In this post I will show you some pictures from the backside of skiti Andreou, where not many people go. The pictures are from our last pilgrimage in September last year.andreou-plan-nrsThe plan of skiti Andreou or Serail:

A. Entrance B. Athonias school C. Well/phiale D. Garden E. the main church from 1900 F.  Trapeza or dining hall in the basement of the church G. Guesthouse or Archontariki H. Graveyard I. Chapel on the topfloor – gangway on the groundfloor J. old chapel with wall paintings K. the ruined wing L. the iron gate from 1896 M. back entrance N. bells

We start this blog at building G, the guesthouse and I walked in the direction of D.dscn6985-largeThe entrance to the guesthouse (G)dscn7048-largeThe rules of the skete, written by elder Ephrahim.dscn7023-largeThe corridor in the guesthousedscn7022-largeView from our room: on the right the church and left is the graveyard (H).dscn6984-largeThe graveyard (H) with a large monument: in the background a small church that is being renovated.dscn6983-largeThe monument from 1902 in the graveyard.dscn6986-largeThe church seen from the graveyard (H)dscn6987-largeThe backdoor, leaving the guesthouse, at M on the plan above. dscn6989-largeThe backdoor seen from outside. This part of the building is in a bad shape. The guesthouse lies on your left.dscn6988-largeThis picture is taken near spot M in the direction of K. All these buildings are almost in ruins.dscn6990-largeLooking in the opposite direction: the guesthouse with balconies.dscn7026-largePicture from the balcony towards spot Kdscn7028-largePicture from the same spot, with surroundingsdscn7027-largeThe opposite direction, agian a picture shot from the balcony.dscn6991-largeNear spot K: here only the church on the top is renovated, the rest of the buildings are not!dscn6992-largeA lot of waste lies squattered in the gardens: a barrel and wheels of a train?dscn6993-largedscn6994-largeBuilding and door from 1898. The main church was finished in 1900.dscn6995-largeOld balconies rest on rusty iron bars…dscn6996-largeLooking back at building K and the guesthouse.dscn7001-largedscn7003-largeNow we arrive at spot L on the plan: again, all buildings are not in use and almost in ruins here.dscn7004-largeAn iron gate from 1896: this part is two years older than the buildings in the previous pictures.dscn7004aDetail of the gate with an small iconSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLooking back at the iron gate (photo by Jitze Bakker)dscn7007-large On the other side of the iron gate: another ruined building (D on the plan)dscn7006-largeWith rusted iron doorsdscn7005-largeand a building without floors….skiti-andreou1Building D is in the right corner below on this aerial picture of the Serail.

Wim, 10/9

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