1805 – Maroudá: the exterior

Today we wil take a closer look at the exterior of kellion Maroudá. The kellion lies on a 20 minutes walk from Skiti Andreou, as you can see on this image from Google maps:Google Marouda - Serail - Karyes

Google Marouda plankopieThe image above shows the plan of the kellion.

DSCN6930 (Large)DSCN6931 (Large)The first picture above shows the gate. The other picture shows the car parking: behind it the monopati to Skiti Andreou starts.DSCN6929 (Large)The entrance with pilgrims Jan Paul, Gert Jan and Jitze. The red wall is painted with abstract Christian symbols and a modern painting of St George.

wall detail DSCN6861 (Large)The terrace, with Skiti Andreou behind the cross.SAM_2293 (Large)The stairs that go down from the entrance.SAM_2290 (Large)Behind the front door: the right part of the kellion.SAM_2291 (Large)The left side of the kellion.The stone wall right is the ossuary.

The ossuary.DSCN6928 (Large)The rooms for guests: left a painting of Alexander.DSCN6877 (Large)The Alexander frieze.DSCN6887 (Large)Paintings on the outside walls of the kitchen, flowers and the ark of Noach.DSCN6888 (Large)An angel playing a harp.

Maroudá: the outside of the building. On the right: a large round mill stone.SAM_2338 (Large)The balcony, with Jan Paul and the webmaster.DSCN6923 (Large)SAM_2337 (Large)Jan Paul and Wim.

The balcony: solar cells provide energy.DSCN6921 (Large)The view from the balcony.DSCN6916 (Large)The kitchen gardenDSCN6932 (Large).JPGThe monopati to Karyes.DSCN6933 (Large)View from the monopati: the churchDSCN6934 (Large)View from the monopati: the East side of the kellion.DSCN6936 (Large)Maroudá kellion: a panoramic view.

Wim Voogd, 6/4/16

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