1806 – Athos film German television: Der heilige Berg Athos

This short film (in German) is published on July 24th 2015 by the WDR/Actuelle Stunde -Bustour 2015. The reporter interviews the German monk Theodosius from Simonopetras, who had been living on Athos for more than 30 years. Theodosius takes care of the water supply,the IT and the solar energie of the monastery. He calls himself a “spiritual practitioner”. Unfortunately I did not meet him last September, when we visited Simonopetras.

The camera man brought a drone to film the monastery from above, with beautiful scenes of Simonopetras as a result.

Wim Voogd, 10/4 (thanks to the Dutch Athos Facebook site: “Vrienden van de Heilge Berg Athos” of Vasilis – a private group)

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