1802 – Maroudá: the interior

Jan Paul ten Bruggencate has been a frequent visitor in the kelli Maroudá. He offered to show us around in the premises and to be our guide.DSCN6914 (Large)The wooden entrance to main building of Maroudá, with the chapel on the right.SAM_2335 (Large)The wooden entrance seen from inside and the old doorsDSCN6911 (Large)Above the door: the Panaghia and the child Jezus with the Saints Onofrios and Peter the Athonite. The building/painting is from May 9th 1796 (thanks Vasilis).DSCN6911

The room we entered gave acces to the church: this room is decorated with a beautiful ceiling with the word “Paradeison” carved in it.DSCN6893 (Large)Let’s go into the church, with Jan Paul leading the way.DSCN6901 (Large)DSCN6903The iconostasisDSCN6899 (Large)The dome with the Pantocrator, surrounded by angels,  looking down at us.

In the four corners of the dome: the Apostels Matheus, Ioannis (Saint Prochoras), Lukas and Markos.DSCN6902 (Large)A painting of the young Theotokos/Maria with her mother Anne and her father Joachim (thanks Alex).DSCN6897 (Large)The Dormation of the Panaghia: above her Jezus holding a baby (Jezus?) wrapped in linen with wings. The baby is the soul of the Theotokos whom Jezus received personally after her repose (thanks for your commend Roblesd56).

This painting is of outstanding quality and the Dormation scene is depicted in a way that you seldom see.DSCN6898 (Large)Above the entrance of the church: the birth of Theotokos, again an image with a highly artistic value.SAM_2333 (Large)Jan Paul contemplating in the beautiful churchDSCN6891 (Large)Next visit is the library, with fresh cookies!SAM_2326 (Large)Going down the stairs,DSCN6878 (Large)to visit another chapel, looking at …DSCN6879 (Large)the dome and its paintings.DSCN6880 (Large)

The iconostasisSAM_2321 (Large)The chapel, with Gert Jan en Jan PaulDSCN6883 (Large)The adjacent roomDSCN6885 (Large)DSCN6917 (Large)We ended up in this room with many fine icons, all over the place.DSCN6924 (Large)DSCN6925 (Large)DSCN6876 (Large)

Leaving the room: a coat rack with old jacketsDSCN6889 (Large)The tour ends here in this bright coloured corridor, leading to a terrace.

Wim Voogd, 25/3 (photo’s also thanks to Jitze)

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  1. roblesd56 says:

    The baby wrapped in linen in the icon of the Dormition is the soul of the Theotokos whom the Lord received personally after her repose.

  2. alex says:

    A painting of the young Theotokos/Maria with her mother Anne and her father Joachim (?)

  3. Vasílis says:

    Small correction: the date of the building is May (Maϊou), not March.

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