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2022 – Jan Paul ten Bruggencate dies at age of 87

Last Friday, 21th of September, on our last day of our 2018 pilgrimage to Athos, my good friend Jean Paul ten Bruggencate died at the blessed age of 87. He visited Athos many times and usually stayed at Maroudá or … Continue reading

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1987 – another look at the interior of the cell of Maroudá

My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who just cellebrated his 87th birthday this month and who will be visiting Athos again in May (respect!), has been visiting the cell of Maroudá many times. He gave me the advice to … Continue reading

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1802 – Maroudá: the interior

Jan Paul ten Bruggencate has been a frequent visitor in the kelli Maroudá. He offered to show us around in the premises and to be our guide.The wooden entrance to main building of Maroudá, with the chapel on the right.The … Continue reading

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1775 – Maroudá: an unexpected meeting with friends

On Sunday September 20th 2015 a special occasion took place. After entering the beautiful courtyard of Maroudá we received a warm welcome by father Makarios. My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate took this picture in 2011. “Jan Paul is … Continue reading

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1727 – Panteleimonos in the 60ties

A few years before mr Gerard Koolschijn visited Panteleimonos my dear Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate payed a visit to the Russian convent. Here are his pictures from 1969:The katholicon with the guesthouse behind it, just after the destructive … Continue reading

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1608 – surprizing Athos: a ‘new’ aqueduct near Iviron!

Every now and then I discover “new” objects on the Holy Mountain. My good friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate (83)visited Athos last May and he sent me this picture of this beautiful aqueduct, that can be found about one kilometer … Continue reading

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1311 – Nea Skiti (Theotokou)

Until now I did not publish much about Nea Skiti (New Skete). Not many Athos pilgrims visit this place and had a chance of sleeping there. My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate from Enschede Holland has been visiting Athos since … Continue reading

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