1686 – Paulou over the years

Paulou 1920? paulou 2015
The black and white image of Paulou dates probably from the early 20th century. We can check the date by looking at the trees. A large cypress is hiding the kiosk at the entrance of the monasteryon the right of the photo. The photo I took on the first day of 2015 showes that that cypress is gone. Instead there are three cypresses with the same size in front of the guestquarters. I would estimate that the tall trees are maybe 80 years old?
paulou 1970
In 1970 when Dutch writer Gerard Koolschijn(on the right) visited Athos together with his high school teacher Herman Hissink the cypresses where not that tall.
This picture showes the old monopati to the monastery and a wooden bridge which is not in a very good state and is no longer present. The situation in the area beneath the monastery has changed a lot. Nowadays a wide dirt road brings pilgrims to the monastery. Bulldozers have straightened the riverbed. Here you see the new developments.
Paulou bas boysNevertheless it is still very nice to walk in this area because after leaving the monastery you can take the footpath to nea Skiti and Skite Anna as Bas Kamps and his sons are doing on the  photo.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-01 om 18.33.39        Schermafbeelding 2015-03-01 om 18.32.09
The path to Nea Skiti and the tops of the three cypresses. Photo take from the balcony of the guestquarters of Paulou.
Herman Voogd

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