2030 – new and old Athos books

Every time before I go for pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain I drop by my favorite bookstore of mr Drosinos in Ouranopoli, who established his store in 1974. 

Drosinos bookshop 

Mr Drosinos and his staff are very helpfull and patient and most of the time when I go there they know how to surprize me with a new edition of an Athos-book. This year I saw a new book about Athos wines (which subject I wrote about many times on this weblog), but unfortunately for me, the book in the shop was in Greek.  But the staff asked me to come back later that afternoon, because they were sure that the book was also published in English. And they were right, they found the English version for me,

  1. so here it is: 
Eleni Kefalopoulou: Mount Athos Wine 2018

I bought the book “Mount Athos Wine – The history of Winemaking in The Holy Mountain” by Eleni Kefalopoulou, published in August 2018, 189 pages, for € 35,00 and you can order it also here.

Picture from Eleni Kefalopoulou’s website                                    

2. the second new book that was published this year is only in Greek, but it I show it anyway because it is about Athos bridges, the subject of my previous post – 2029 (thanks japetus-gr).

The book is written by Stelios Mouzakis: “Stonebridges and bridges on Mount Athos” 2018 with ISBN9786188348820, 154 pages, € 17,00 on the internet.

3. the third new Athos book is novel, published in March 2018: William Capitan – “Mists on Mt. Athos”, 166 pages, ISBN1984512161. 
From a diescription on the internet: “A first-generation Greek American struggles with conflicts between his Greek heritage and the secular world. He meets Pan, a Greek American comfortable with his heritage. Despite differences, they bond and travel to Mt. Athos”.

So far the new books, now I will show some old books that I have discovered on the internet.

4.  Geoffrey Winthrop Young, The Grace of Forgetting, 1914-18, published in 1953, 352 pages: a book about the travels of the author after the First WW.  He also visits Athos: read more here.

5. almost ten years ago Herman published about this book Album du Mont-Athos 1928 by Etienne Kelliotes in post 422 . I found some new photo’s to add:

Etienne Kelliotes – Leykoma tou Agiou Orous Athos
Karyes 1928

6. Valentin, The Monks of Mount Athos, 1960. In post 154 we showed you some images form this book, 11 years ago. I will add two pictures from the book, with the remark that there must be a film made in 1960, that I could not find on the internet. Nathaniel found the film for us on YouTube! (thanks, Wim 5-12)!

Thanks Nathaniel! 5/12/18 – the film is from the 50-ties last century.

7.  a book by W. Papel Hamsher – “The Balkans by bicycle”, 1937. The author drove by bicycle from Vienna – Athos – to Istanbul. 

A wooden cross (maybe above Simonopetra?)
Simonopetra 1937

8. Benz Ernst: “Patriarch und Einsiedler – Der tausendjährige Athos und die Zukunft der Ostkirche”. Eugen Diederichs Verlag, Düsseldorf-Köln 1964

9. Takis Tloupas: “A Photographic Itinerary On Mount Athos, 1969”: published 16-9-2001

10. Robin Amis – Views from Mount Athos 2014, read a review here .

11. Photo’s by Monk Chariton, Images of Athos, 1997, 399 pages

12. a text by Hieromonk Stephane and drawings of T.G. Gayer-Anderson: the Album of the Views of Mount Athos 1913 (or 1918?)

13. a page from the magazine “Allgemeine Illustrirte Zeitung” from Germany 1866:

Karyes and Koutloumousiou in 1866

14. a page from the French magazine “A travers le monde” from 16 november 1895

Les Couvents du Mont Athos

Wim Voogd, 3-12-2018

(for an updated book title list, see post 1900)

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  1. Gunther Breig says:

    My Name is Gunther Breig,I am German. Your Web blog is very interesting for me, because I am visiting Mount Athos since a long time, my first visit was in 1969. It is very useful to get new informations,when You plan Your next trip. Under “shop” You mentioned that Photos of father Theodosios are available, but I didn’t find them. Can You please tell me,how I can have a look at bis fotos? Many thanks in advance, Gunther Breig

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear Gunther,
      I am working together with father Theodosius to publish his fine photo’s, but until now I have only showed one on the weblog (after the text in the “shop”). More copies of his photo’s will follow

      • Gunther Breig says:

        Dear Wim, thank You very much for Your Information!I am looking forward to see more of father Theodosios photos

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