1685 – Athos in the 1930ties

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panteleimonos 1
More then 200 images of Athos in the nineteen thirties are to be found on a new online Greek database called E.L.I.A. Τhe Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive, better known as E.L.I.A., is part of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (M.I.E.T.), since October 2009.
Its basic aim is to collect, preserve, classify, research and publish 19th and 20th century archival and printed material, particularly that which relates to the modern history and culture of Greece.
lavra 1 lavra2
Lavra, the old cypress
The ruin of Vasiliou near Chilandariou
karoulia 1
Karoulioa with the hermit huts, on the top right the hole in the rock.

It is a nice collection of Athos photos but some are taken from far away and less interesting. Go and have a have look.
Herman Voogd

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