2177 – Landslides and Tsunamis in 1905

Map from the article. The star on the right: the epic center of the earth quake.
fragment of the Mt. Athos map by Peter Howorth, 1905 landslides (arrows)
The smaller landslide of Kleftiko, the arsanas of Kerasia.

In earlier post we paid attention to the large earthquake of 1905 with an estimated magnitude ranging from 6.8 to 8.3. Eleven persons were reportedly killed.  In 2019/20 an scientific article was published with the title The Large Earthquake (~ M7) and Its Associated Tsunami of 8 November 1905 in Mt. Athos, Northern Greece by Triantafyllou, Ι., Zaniboni, F., Armigliato.  Its on the internet but behind a paywall. Fortunately some information and a few maps are available. It tells us more about the damage that was caused by the quake, the landslides and the tsunamis.

Iviron and surrounding land in 2013

Parts of the Iviron monastery collapsed including chapels. The ground of the monastery was shaken and new water springs were created. According to an eyewitness monk called Avimelech Mikragiannanitis.

The cone of Mt. Athos seen from Ag. Nelios which is situated right next to the large landslide
The large landslide of Megali Sara, not wide from Kavsokalivia but next to Nelios

The monk continues saying that the “ entire cone of Athos was reshaped due to the so many falls of marble rocks” . Lavra and the cells of the skiti of Kavsolalivia were damaged by falling stones.

Nelios, the landslide Megali Sara, St Peter (arrow) and Perdika (arrow) map by Peter Howorth

 “In the nearby arsanas of Perdiki (Pantes) five seculars and six monks were situated onboard six fishing boats. All of them but one monk submerged taken away by the sea which rose up to 3 m. For it happened that the uphill part of the mountain near St. Peter thrown down covering a distance of half a mile [along the beach]…One monk survived since he rest upon a wooden beam. He was also able to save a secular who jammed in the rocks…”

Herman Voogd, maps by Peter Howorth

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