1613 – the 2014 itinerary: the ‘non-monastery’ trip

All reservations have been made, so finally we have a defintive plan for our 2014 Athos trip: special on this visit is that we will not sleep in a monastery, but only in sketes and a kellion. This is the proposed route that we intend to walk:

first day 1/9: Ouranopolis – Xenofontos – Skiti Xenofontos – Stavros – Ano Kapsala – Skiti Profiti Eliou

309 Athos 2007 Skiti Prof EliouProfiti Eliou 2007

second day 2/9: Skiti Profiti Eliou – Karyes – skiti Iviron – Magoula – Filotheou – Karakallou and kellion Timiou Stavrou

IMG_8569Timiou Stavrou 2011: father David

third day 3/9: Timiou Stavrou – skiti Lakkou(?) – Antithonas – Agiou Pavlou – Nea Skiti

IMG_8713The road to Agiou Pavlou/Nea Skiti, seen from Mount Athos

Nea Skiti 2Nea Skiti

fourth day 4/9: Nea Skiti – the top of Mount Athos – Skiti Anni

IMG_8728Skiti Anni seen from Mount Athos -2011

5/9: from Skiti Anni back to Ouranopolis

Wim, 17/8

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  1. Maciej says:

    Good luck Wim!
    I’m going to Mt Athos (second time) from 8/9 to 11/9.
    First time I was there in September 2012.
    I was on the top of Mt Athos, and I hope I will be there again.
    Greetings from Poland!

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