1614 – Semantron

sem karak

Semantron of Karakalou

The semantron or semandron (Greek: σήμαντρον), or semanterion (σημαντήριον), also called a xylon (ξύλον) (Romanian: toacă; Russian: било, bilo; Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian: клепало, klepalo) is a percussion instrument used in monasteries to summon the monastics to prayer or at the start of a procession. This is how it sounds in the monastery of Docheiariou in 2013 (recording by Wim Voogd)

sem anna

Semantron of Skiti Anna (with pilgrims Jit + Jac)

sem karakalou

Again Karakalou with some other instrument to get the attention of monks and pilgrims .

semantronMonk ticking on the semantron in 1963.


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