1612 – rain sweeps away foundations of Lavra buildings

lavra damage 7-8-2014From the Athosnewsblog we learn that yesterday heavy rains and wind (force 11!) swept away the ground that supported the quarters where monks slept (see the bed almost falling down at the right). At this spot workmen were reinforcing the foundations of the treasury and library, but unfortnately the weather conditions did not help.

Lavra bed 7-8-2014The arcades that collapsed used to be an open air museum of mainly old furniture and classical remnants found near or in the monastery, see this picture below from 2007.

220 Athos 2007 Lavra openlucht museumOpen air museum in Lavra 2007.

I wonder if the digging reveals some new archeological information…….?

Wim, 8/8

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