1611 – Chilandariou 1885 and 2013

Our next stop on our pilgrimage in 2013 brings us to Chilandriou. Originally we made a reservation to sleep here, but when we found out that we could stay at Esfigmenou, we prefered an overnight sleep in this monastery. One of my friends decided not visit the Milutins tower and Agiou Basiliou. His early arrival at Chilandariou was rewarded with a lovely lunch and a carafe of good wine!

Chilandari 1885

Chilandari russische gravure Slavonic convent

Two of the same etchings of Chilandariou from 1885 and published in English printings, with a different framework.

DSCN2479 (Large)Photo Chilandariou 2013

Chilandari duiste ets

This Chilandariou etching is from a German book: the trees look a littlebit higher and there is a chimney added on the roof of a building on the right, so probably this etching is made a few years later.

One of the two left trees disappeared

Wim, 7/8

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