1513 – Dimitriou: the guesthouse in detail and the surrounding houses

In post 1494 I showed my visit to Skiti Agiou Dimitriou (also see the frescoes from the exonarthex in 1498 and 1507).

Today we will take a closer look at the largest building C, probably the guesthouse.

plan google mapskopie2

DSCN2149 (Large)This picture shows you the entrance to building C: the stone stairway leads to the front door. From there an wooden stair goes up to the tower.

DSCN2147 (Large)After you enter, you see a long hall, flanked by 2x 3 rooms, with a the end of the hall this bench. A disturbed bat flew away!

DSCN2138 (Large)In the first room on my left hand I found this fireplace or oven and two tables.

DSCN2139 (Large)The first room on the right with again a fireplace and a lot of – religious – objects.

DSCN2141 (Large)Worn and rusted objects – a pilow, candles, an oil can, a cup and a icon on the table,

DSCN2140 (Large)Two icons, one of them totally faded, and one old and dusty icon of the Panaghia (her tranfiguration?)

DSCN2142 (Large)Two lantarns near the window

DSCN2144 (Large)In the middle room on the right an old tiled floor

DSCN2145 (Large)The third rooms on the left: an old suitcase and beds

DSCN2146 (Large)Sign on this rooms shows the text: Κύριε Ίσου Χρήστη Ελέησον Με – Kyrie Jesou Christi Eleizon Me My (“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”)

DSCN2148 (Large)A large copper bowl in the hallway

After leaving the skiti Dimitriou we first passed some ruined houses (nrs 19, 20 24,25 on this drawing).

map 2

path from DimitrioukopieIn one of these houses near the red X above we took a closer look:

DSCN2157 (Large)Ruined house of skiti Dimitriou

DSCN2155 (Large)Inside: a ruined interior of a church, with floors fallen down

DSCN2154 (Large)The other side of the interior

DSCN2156 (Large)The ground floor: oil jars. One of them was still filled with oil!

DSCN2153 (Large)The earthenware pot in the corner was still filled with oil

DSCN2159 (Large)We continued to walk further, leaving the compound of the skiti and soon the monopati became difficult to walk…

Zwerger Dimitriou - Bogoroditsa

But the next time I wil tell and show you more about this path.

Wim, 18/2

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