1482 – Shops in Karyes

shop 1There are nowadays more then four shops in Kayes. Due to the fact that many monasteries had fallen into debt in the 18th century Patriarch Gabriel 4 published an new law  (Typikon) in 1783 reorganizing the central administration. Because the number of shops in Karyes had become unacceptable, giving the place a wordly and commercial air, their number was to be restricted to four. (Speake, page 144)shop 2Shops in mainstreet. Sidney Loch wrote in 1957: The main street was a lane of saddlers, monastic tailors and shoemakers, general stores and souvenir shops.shop3A supermarket in mainstreet.shop4 bakkerThe Bakery

shop6 shop5 farmacySouvenir shop and the Pharmacy.


Shop with Italian coffee.


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